Saturday, December 26, 2015

[Episode #117]

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Tyler Little, "winterlude" from Up on Irving, 2013
Derek M. Johnson, "FKXMS" from Olympia Winter Nights: Season One, 2011
Clara Engel, "Harvest (Siavash Amini remix)", 2015
Trigger, "Windows" from All These Things, 1993
Jade Poppyfield, "Twin Light" from Orchid Twilight, 2015
Alchymie, "Northern Lights" from Midnight Clear, 2015
Domovoy, "Domovoy" from Domovoy, 2015
furthers, "you'll never be human again" from Pineal Dreamer, 2015
Ben Goldberg, "Let's Cool One" from Ben Goldberg at the Stone, February/March 2014
Marco Oppedisano, "Reflection" from Resolute, 2015
Kevin Shields (Eva Aguila), "Apparently" from The Death of Patience, 2007

Saturday, December 12, 2015

[Episode #116]

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ORE, "The Scars of Extraction" from Gullet, 2013
Present, "Promenade au Fond d'un Canal" from Triskaïdékaphobie, 1980 (remastered/expanded 2014)
Sun City Girls, "Distorted Views" from Wah, 2002
Jenny Gräf, "Iconic Distortions I" from The Guitars Project, 2003
Geneva Skeen, "multnomah fall", 2015
Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman, "Bigger Time" from Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman, 2014
SACHIKO, "Saika" from You never atone for..., 2006

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

[Episode #112]

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Cavatica Sessions, "Angulate" from Orbweaver, 2015
Midday Veil, "Moon Temple" from Subterranean Ritual II, 2011
Rosen, "H-Q" from #FØ04: Q​-​Hue, 2015
DivineBrick Research Sound Project, "night seed", 2003
Joshua Davison with The Origin of the Cosmos Ensemble, "Oyster Smiling" from deep field, 2015
Jessica Pavone, "This Is My Violin" from Quartet Solo Series volume 2, 2009
Mr.MRM, "Track 2" from CT Assaults Presents Mr.MRM, 2013
High Light, "The Edge Of Physics" from High Light, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

[Episode #111]

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Wolf Maps, "Not Forever" from Purity, 2015
Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra, "Strange Strange" from Strange Strings, 1966
Beast Nest, "Virgo Rising" from Songs for Puppies, 2015
Hey Exit, "So Few They Aren't Worth Naming" from Slow Names 3 (Glasswing), 2014
beaunoise, "[380] CRYSTALESQUE" from H3000, 2015
John Coltrane, "Om" from Om, 1965
Pink Void, "Guitar Wrship Service", 2013

Saturday, September 5, 2015

[Episode #109]

[listen here]

Wendy Atkinson, "What Came Before" from The Last Fret, 2015
Neglect, "Kayenta" from Western Romance Novels, 2015
The Seattle Harmonic Voices, "Blossoms" (1999) from Harmonic Voice, 2008
Crows Labyrinth, "Influx" from Travels, 2013
Ingrid Lee, "Of Monsters" from Mouth to Mouth, 2013
Alphastare, "Coded Caverns" from It Just Consumes You..., 2015
Karl J. Palouček, "Sail" from Sail, 2015
el owl, "Invisible Predator" from Invisible Predator, 2015
Lisa Moore and Annie Gosfield, "Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers III. Machine-like, but with some groove" from Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers, 2015
Prism Vibrations (realized by Jean-Paul Jenkins), "Moire Realization Magick" from Astral Theta Wave Network Sequencing, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

[Episode #108]

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HITS, "Boulders" from Sunshine Baby, 2015
Scott Worthington, "Reflections (in memoriam Stefano Scodanibbio)" from Prism, 2015
Eternal Tapestry, "Wild Strawberries" from Wild Strawberries, 2015
Nagual & Carl Mitchell, "Improvisation II" from Improvisations I & II, 2014
Volutes, "Like Certainty", 2015      
The Northern Hemisphere, "I Stand Before Zero Gravity With Open Arms" from Spacious Skies - EP, 2011
Matana Roberts, "Untitled N. 1" from always., 2015
Northern Valentine, "Born Yesterday" from The Distance Brings Us Closer, 2008

Saturday, August 8, 2015

[Episode #107]

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Moskitoo, "Fragments of Journey" from Mitosis, 2015
Space Gambus Experiment, "Oud Solo", 2015
Banco de Gaia, "887 (Darkside Return)" from Last Train to Lhasa (20th Anniversary Edition), 2015
Seattle Improvisers Benevolent Aid Society, "Dempster, Fleenor, Harkey, Knodle" from Paul Hoskin Benefit, 2015
Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble, "Veden Voima (Power of Water)" from The Otherworld Cycle (visions of the Kalevala, land of my Grandmothers), 2015
Chris Forsyth, "Paranoid Cat, Parts 1-3" from Paranoid Cat, 2011
Aisha Orazbayeva, "Telemann Fantasie no.9 in B minor 'Siciliana' & 'Vivace' / Improvisation" from Radio 14, 2015
hakobune, "love knows where" from love knows where, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

[Episode #106]

[listen here]

Faun Fables, "Your Ember Bell" from Violitionist Sessions, 2013
The OO-Ray, "Palimpsests" from Astoria, 2011
Robert Scott Thompson, "Ritual Space" from Palimpsest, 2015
Zalys, "The Singularity" from Wandering Through Space, 2013
Red Clouds, "moon light" from Moon light, 2015
Shane, Apparently, "08RST" from RD015, 2015
Arrington de Dionyso, "Late Night Raga" from The True Folk Sounds of Arrington de Dionyso, 2006
Jordan Dykstra, "Elegant Music" from Elegant Music, 2015
Eleanor Murray, "The Fox" from Little Warrior, 2009
C. Reider, "Our Pesticide" from Certainty Reducing Signals, 2015
p0stm0rtem, "Everything Is Forever Nothing Else Is" from My Obsession With Forever, 2015
Arrington de Dionyso with Gal Lazer Shiloach, "Kargyraa Raga" from Lovers and Dragons, 2014
Ifsh, "Amniote" from Eggtooth, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Episode #105]

[listen here]

Thollem/Wimberly/Cline, "Thought Pools" from Radical Empathy, 2015
Sarah Davachi, "Spanish Banks" from The Untuning of the Sky, 2013
Pink Void, "Close Your Eyes" from Pink Void / Knifecream Split, 2014
Raica, "Farrago" from Division, 2015
Meridian Arc, "First Contact" from Out of Stasis, 2015
Marielle V Jakobsons, "Live at On Land Festival" from On Land and Meridian, 2010
LA Lungs, "Ruffled Rivers" from Cryptic Snuggling, 2010
Ecstatic Cosmic Union, "Cave Paintings" from XCU, 2013

Saturday, June 13, 2015

[Episode #104]

[listen here]

Neneh Cherry & The Thing, "What Reason Could I Give" from The Cherry Thing, 2012
Ornette Coleman, "Forms And Sounds For Wind Quintet" (performed by the Virtuoso Ensemble) from The Great London Concert, 1975 (recorded 1965)
Cortex Bomb, "Times Square" from need to scream have no mouth, 1999
Yoko Ono, "AOS" from Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, 1970 (recorded 1968)
James Blood Ulmer, "Nothing To Say" from Tales of Captain Black, 1979
An Octopus in the Bathtub, "Theme from a symphony 3 wishes - take 1" from 4 track demos vol. II, 2003
Ornette Coleman, "Silence" from The Great London Concert, 1975 (recorded 1965)
Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, "Free Jazz" from Free Jazz, 1961
Explorer's Club, "A Tribute to Ornette Coleman" from A Tribute to Ornette Coleman, 2015
Mark Kostabi Group, "Panther Paw's Revenge", 2011
Bourbon and Coffee, "Lonely Woman" from Dolorous Orc, 2014

Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Episode #103]

[listen here]

Golden Retriever, "Superposition" from Seer, 2014
TALsounds, "Mind" from All The Way, 2015
Spectrum Control, "Hidden Galaxy Cluster" from Mugen - Volume 5: Spectrum Control/CarRl, 2014
Djam Karet, "Consider Figure Three" from The Heavy Soul Sessions, 2010
Sarah Davachi, "geneva" from Qualities of Bodies Permanent, 2015
Secret Drum Band, "Polihale (Kauai) / Kilauea (Kauai) / South Point Big Island" from The Hylaeus Project, 2014
Robert Scott Thompson, "A Hidden Glimmering" from Play is the Supreme Bricoleur of Frail Transient Constructions, 2012
John Chantler, "The Long Shadow of Decline Pt. 1" from Still Light, Outside, 2015
John Wiese, "Segmenting Process (Portland)" from Deviate From Balance, 2015 (recorded 2008)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

[Episode #102]

[listen here]

Sustentacula, "Cutlet" from JINDELLAE, 2015
Andrew Weathers Ensemble, "We Will Never See A Cloud Again" from Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything, 2015
Caterina Barbieri, "Undular" from Vertical, 2015
Simon Henneman Quartet, "Sermons from Science" from Sermons from Science, 2014
Shredderghost, "À Soi-Même" from Golden Cell, 2015
Cronemoon, "A Masked Drama" from In Memory, 2015
Ifsh, "Disintigration Raga" from Eggtooth, 2015
Cosa Brava, "Common Sense" from The Letter, 2012
Tuluum Shimmering, "Bundle Of Flames" from Bundle Of Flames, 2015
Peter Kowald / Damon Smith, "Reflections on April 28th 5" from Mirrors - Broken But No Dust, 2013 (recorded 2000)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

[Episode #100]

[listen here]

Dweomer, "frost", 2013
Marcus Fischer, "Second Narrows - Marcus Fischer Version" from 100 Minutes, 2013
Simon Aulman, "I'd hate me if I met me" from easy listening for the hard of hearing, 2015
Quiet Evenings, "Telepathic Heart" from Impressions, 2013
Sonologyst, "Harmonics in a lucid dreaming brain" from Italian experimental underground 015 survey - volume II, 2015
Adaptive Machines, "Earth Electrode" from The Truth Table, 2015
Silver Screen Orchestra, "Glassĕra" from Broken Hearts Broken Sounds, 2015
ALTO!, "Piece 10" from ALTO! (2014), 2014
Zomes, "Fruit Moon (August)" from Calendar of Moons, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Episode #99]

[listen here]

The OO-Ray, "Hunting Song" from Empty Orchestra, 2015
Suns of Arqa, "Nagaswarawali" from Know Thyself?, 2010
Beast Nest, "C m C child man child" from KDVS Recordings Vol. 8 Beast Nest/Head-Boggle, 2012
ALTO!, "Hassalo" from 2015 Tour Cassette, 2015
Félicia Atkinson, "Recherche De La Base Et Du Sommet" from A Readymade Ceremony, 2015
Low Leaf, "Purification" from Diwata Mantraz vol. I, 2015
Eric Ostrowski, "Ghost Stories" from Ghost Stories, 2013
Free Dust, "Dream For Dream" from II: Imitation: Wave, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

[Episode #98]

[listen here]

TALsounds & Steffi Neuhuber, "Pacing In Slow Motion [i.i]" from barren is, 2014
Andrew Hock, "Side A" from Crystalline Privative Opulence, 2015
The OO-Ray, "Live at the Alberta Abbey" from Empty Orchestra, 2015
DeLyria, "Opus 7" from Opus 7, 2015
Boredoms, "House of Sun" from Seadrum/House of Sun, 2004
Precenphix, "Autumnal" from Various Artists - Masterwerks, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Episode #97]

[listen here]

SEALADDER, "Walking Flags" from Tiny Territories, 2015
Dim Holys, "5" from Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck, 2008
Olaf Ydstie, "More for the Morning", 2011
The Northern Hemisphere, "Portals" from We Were Stranded On An Island, 2015
Richard Lainhart, "Lux" from Lux, 2014
Hammer of Hathor, "past eve and adam's" from Sphere, 2015
Dancing for the Flesh, "elegans" from natricinae, 2014
Pete Flood, "Coralspot" from Mycoworld, 2013
Shadows, "Rise of Tides" from New Growth, 2014

Saturday, February 21, 2015

[Episode #96]

[listen here]

Holy Palms, "Fractal Blossoms (based on Roomal folk song)" from Tribute to Snake Charmers Music, 2015
Beast Nest, "Forests" from Songs for Puppies, 2015
Troubled by Insects, "Reciting Keats (Eleanor's words surrendered)" from Blue van Meer [part III]: 'Love Lies Limp (Feigning Stately Dignity)', 2013
captain captain, "omelette du fromage" from captain's log, 2014
Chromadrift, "In My Blood (Arpeggio Heart)" from Another Cold Universe, 2015
Kevin Sanders, "Tongues" from Valves for aches (and valves for all), 2013
Andrew Weathers, "Susquehanna River" from Littlefield, 2015
Lost Trail, "Song For Our Star-Crossed Lamentations" from Lamentations, 2015
Glover/Perreault, "harbor" from Freight 1110 through Greensboro, 2015
The Gateless Gate, "Borealis" from Near North, 2014
The Shouts From The Sea, "A5" from s/t, 2015
Beast Nest, "Worst Ever" from Songs for Puppies, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

[Episode #93]

[listen here]

Tsovinar Unbowed, "Night Went On" from Exit, 2012
Grammies, "Hunter" from Great Sounding, 2015
Ethernet, "Obsidian" from Virtual Reality, 2013
Paints ov Anima, "wise.words" from Brassica, 2014
Shane, Apparently, "Paper and cardboard worlds" from This is my planet, 2013
Jordan Dykstra, "like a sun all smashed together into one serendipitous tonal pancake" from sundries, 2013-'14
Ryan Huber, "Quirin" from Four Pi, 2014
Scattered Purgatory, "Cloudborn" from Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean, 2014
Sarah Davachi, "As The Morning" from Air Texture, Vol. IV, 2014
Jesske Hume & Areni Agbabian, "improvisation #1", 2012
Todd Walton, "How Perfect Is Life" from Nature Of Love, 2014