Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Episode #128]

[listen here]

Domovoy, "House Sit" from Domovoy, 2015
Bobby Previte with Zeena Parkins, "Zeena Parkins + Bobby Previte 1" from April in New York 2007 (released 2009)
boocanan, "no hands" from by ear, 2016
Nhung Nguyen, "My second spring" from Hibernation II, 2016
l'├ętern├Ębre, "Tiny Voices" from The Spirit Bridge, 2015
The Hands Free, "Needle and Thread" from The Hands Free, 2014
C. Reider / Tarkatak, "Midnight Well" from Azure Bell, Midnight Well, 2016
raven, "the ebb and flow (ambient dub forever and ever)" from the ebb and flow, 2015
Audrey Chen & Richard Scott, "anthozoa" from Hiss and Viscera, 2016