Saturday, December 22, 2018

[Episode #191]

[listen here]

Rosa Latva, "Merenneito" from Voices from Eris, 2019
Cruel Diagonals, "Live at Adobe Books Pt. 1" from Live at Adobe Books, 2018
Kirsty Hawkshaw & Sam Hyder, "Katabasis" from Sedna, 2018
Snezhana Reizen, "Storm" from Reflection in the earth, 2012
Aboriginal Flowers, "Fire Wants You" from Impossible Light Source, 2016
Post-Haste Reed Duo, "In the Speaking Silence" (Andrea L. Reinkemeyer, composer) from Donut Robot!, 2019
Justine Sanderson / Jay Robinson, "Valley" from Current Spaces Vol. 3, 2018
Aemilia Solà, "Sesión D - pt. 1" from Sesiones A - D, 2018
Ellen Phan, "Untitled" from Noise Lunch: Protest Music [compilation], 2018
Chrissy Martin, "Body Puzzles (November 28, 2018)" from Sound Moves, 2018
Joanne Gabriel, "The Gest Of Wysrelin" from The Twelve Pahiran - Appendix, 2018

Saturday, December 8, 2018

[Episode #190]

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[co-hosted with Kyle Fisher]

ManKinSon, "[track 3]" from ManKinSon, 2011
April Larson, "Reverberations From Remembering Yet To Occur" from Berlin | Reverberations From Remembering Yet To Occur, 2018
Tim Hecker, "Live Room" from Virgins, 2013
Hank & Slim, "Strange Lights On The Prairie" from The World Turned Gingham, 2000
Ariel Kalma, "Echorgan" from An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979), 2014
Z'EV, "Heads and Tales #21" from Face the Wound, 1998
1958-2009, "A1" from II, 2010
Marble Sky, "What You Might Forget" from Marble Sky, 2014
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, "These Spirits (Version)" from Red Ants Genesis, 2018
Puce Mary, "Coagulate" from The Drought, 2018
Alien Porno Midgets, "high altitude over hawaii" from AuralOffalWaffle: TenPintsOfBitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings [compilation], 1999
Zach Zinn, "Water, Moon, Eye" from The Body Never Stands Still, 2013
Paul Hoskin, "the initial" from contrabass clarinet...the initial...the constant, 2010