Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Episode #127]

[listen here]

10 Waves of You, "Round Windows" from Sail, 2016
Chambers, "151" from Sigma Flare II, 2016
Ana Never, "Martha" from Long Turning, 2016
Least Carpet, "Continuity" from Shahi Baaja, 2015
Golden Retriever, "Winter Light" from Occupied with the Unspoken, 2012
Ava Mendoza, "Shapeshifters" from Unnatural Ways, 2015
Venetian Roses, "Ocean Lovers Retreat" from Erosion Of Love, 2016
Strategy, "Squid City" from What If?, 2012
Eet, "Salmon Spawn" from Danger Barn, 2009
Norah Lorway, "Spheres" from fade, 2013
Silver Ochre, "Ice Man Pinball Machine" from Who Are US Episode 1, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2016

[Episode #126]

[listen here]

Graham Dunning, "Monogon" from Auxon, 2016
Jon Collin, "Croftingman's Dead (Autumn)" from Cycle of the Season, 2012
Nox Intempesta, "laudanum" from vocem venefici, 2016
Christina Carter, "Survival" from Character Study, 2014
uNMind, "2.1" from the uNMind, 2016
Dal Niente & Deerhoof, "Deerhoof Chamber Variations" from Balter / Saunier, 2016
Fabio Orsi, "Von Zeit" from Von Zeit Zu Zeit, 2012
Woven Skull, "The Forest Of Everything I" from The Forest Of Everything, 2016