Saturday, May 11, 2019

[Episode #200]

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Infinite Sustain, "Sehnstae" from instainae, 2018
Faust, "Parasiten" from Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide, 2016
Overleaf, "organic chemistry" from Overleaf, 2018
Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci, "Wooden Mirrors (two carved objects, in complementary motion)" from Wooden Mirrors, 2019
gemma notara, "Remission" from Alterity, 2019
Thollem, "Expanding Faster Than Expected" from 13 Billion Years To Tomorrow, 2019
KRILL BUMPS, "03.10.19" from no plan 03.10.19, 2019
Lea Bertucci, "An Unbroken Plane" from Light Silence, Dark Speech 7​-​inch, 2015
Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux, "A Different River Once" from Two Changes, 2016
Liz Cirelli, "Cepheid (Chloe Harris Remix)" from Cepheid, 2009

Saturday, March 30, 2019

[Episode #198]

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Ben Kraftwerx, "MetaModule" from Entre los Ejes, 2019
ragenap, "mag-nette drags thru" from Splixtape, 2019
Ben & Janice Luce, "Replicant's Dream" from Ben's Sonic Light Channel, 2019
Tom Carter, "Blues for Lilah" from Fields, 2019
The Spacious Mind, "The Cinnamon Tree" from The No. 4 Or 5 Gravy Band, 2019
Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish, "Generator" from Nervous Systems, 2019
M. Geddes Gengras, "Kapoho" from Hawaiki Tapes, 2018
Marja Ahti, "Coastal Inversion" from Vegetal Negatives, 2019
ashley (Cyclopsycho), "Deeper" from Palace of Ah-ha, 2004
Mademoiselle Marquee, "As We Awake"       
Black Seas Ensemble, "We must all walk along the road of death" from Atmospheres, Soundtracks and Transmissions, 2019
JOYFULTALK, "You Death March" from Plurality Trip, 2018

Saturday, March 16, 2019

[Episode #197i]

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Elena Aleksandrova, "Walking Time" from Winter, 2019
Tristan Welch, "Minimum Wage (Bonus Track)" from 40 Hours, 2019
JMoneyFur, "I See Colors" from I See Colors, 2016
Shane, Apparently, "it's gone" from the sanctuary doesn't exist anymore, 2019
Paul Marquardt, "Replica" from Eidolons [compilation], 2018
Ema Stoned, Makoto Kawabata, Yantra, "Act II" from Phenomena, 2019
Tim Kays, "Lifted Index" from Phenomena, 2015
Brenda Sayuri, "Aurora" from Phenomena, 2018
ruby sawyer, "3" from Tabitha, 2018

Saturday, March 2, 2019

[Episode #196]

Penelope Trappes, "Silvine" from WEAPONISE YOUR SOUND VOL.1, 2018
Jon Collin, "Descent Music" from Descent Music, 2019
qualchan., "walking past an air vent attached to a public pool in portland oregon & stopping to inhale at two in the morning can be a good form of bonding between two people." from columbia., 2019
Gel-Sol, "Torus (Bonus Track)" from Horse Head Bookends, 2017
DIE, "Sand Land 2" from Sand Land, 2014
Amparo, "You And The Seaside" from Isolated Islands, 2017

Saturday, February 16, 2019

[Episode #195]

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Adil Hiani, "LaVoixDsansVoix feat. Jerome Vicoletto & Reda Cherif" from 5 years of Cosmo [compilation], 2015
John Krausbauer & David Kendall, "PDRM" from PDRM, 2018
Phil Western, "Longform" from Longform, 2014
Heavy Winged + Inca Ore, "Obsidian Mass (Live)" from Ring Mining, 2009
Infinite Sustain, "Instae Ying" from instainae, 2018
Alessandra Celletti, "BlueOne" from #cellettiblue, 2019
Dancing for the Flesh, "Thamnophis sirtalis" from natricinae, 2014

Saturday, January 19, 2019

[Episode #193]

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heather love, "Uncomfortable Sleeping Positions" from Constants & Variables: Second Homes, 2018
Alan Morse Davies, "Spitsbergen" from [CF 056] Svalbard LP, 2011
DJ YUB, "TDCOg" from TDCOgamma, 2018
Extraordinary Pigeons, "I Love You Atomic" from I Love You Atomic Yay, 2005
Bill Horist, "3 Cloven Staircase" from Soylent Radio, 1997
Ghost Forest, "A Gold Cartridge" from Two Things on Two Planets, 2018
Geneva Skeen, "SIDE A-dream state (recurring)" from DREAM STATE, 2019
Sarah Hennies, "Embedded Environments" from Embedded​ Environments, 2018
Post-Haste Reed Duo, "First Light" [composer: Drew Baker] from Donut Robot!, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

[Episode #192]

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Gulls, "4am" from BORCD01, 2017
Lori Scacco, "Other Flowers in Strange Cities (Certain Creatures Mix)" from Interpretations Vol III - Desire Loop, 2018
CCJ, "Chilled I" from Chilled, 2018
Djam Karet, "Walkabout" from Kafka's Breakfast, 2019 [original release 1985]
Planets Around the Sun, "Peace In the Mountains/Panther Meadow" from Peace In the Mountains, 2017
Waver Clamor Bellow, "Find a new face for my empty skull" from Mare's Nest, 2015
Tara Rodgers, "Butterfly Effects: day 3 hours 17-23" from Butterfly Effects, 2007
Nudity, "Le Premier Voyage du Captaine" from Nudity Is God's Creation, 2016