Saturday, July 22, 2017

[Episode #155]

[listen here]

Cyclopsycho, "Bring it", 2014
Q P.O.P., "The Void" from Space Time Continuum, 2016
Sarah Davachi, "Live Session (Excerpt)" from Level Up: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM, 2015
Cloud City Cars, "Hardcore UFOs" from Bar Wolf, 2012
Olivia Block, "Opening Night" from Karren, 2013
Paper Moses, "Eternally Connected" from Ancient Mysteries, 2017
Karl Fousek, "One Another" from One Another, 2016
John Melillo + Geoff Saba, "NO PLACE" from DRY RIVER, 2017
Andrea-Jane Cornell, "aestivate part1" from Aestivate, 2016

Saturday, July 8, 2017

[Episode #154]

[listen here]

Comanche Peak, "D.O.G." from Carnival Lights EP, 2017
Alexander Turnquist, "Statues in the Dark - Shadows Collide" from As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color, 2009
Asfandyar Khan, "North Sea Troubador" from Snow Makes Things Perfect, 2010
The Hunted Hare, "Malleus" from Nothing Is Always, 2017
Zahra Mani, "Traces" from Fragile Membrane, 2012
Mulva Myasis, "The Duchess of Filth" from Mulva Myasis Introduces Her Friends, 2015
Veronique en el espacio, "La margarita y el colibri" from Pocket, 2017
Madalena Gra├ža, "Express to Cologne" from soloworks, 2011
Caterina Barbieri & Kali Malone, "Glory (Final Movement)" from XKatedral Volume III, 2016
Snezhana Reizen, "IceExp [act I]", 2016
Marilyn Crispell, "America" from Pianosolo - A Concert in Berlin, 1983
Marselle, "Part 2" from Everlasting Love (Live), 2017
Shane, Apparently, "the beginning of the rest of our lives" from the burden of a decaying world, 2017