Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Episode #49]

Yann Tomita, "Dub Invader" from Music For Astro Age, 1992
Growing, "Rave Pie Only (Live)" from All The Way, 2008
Desert of Hiatus, "Parable of the Swans" from Unreleased & Singles, 2012
Tsigoti, "Village In Ruin" from Read Between The Lines... Think Outside Them, 2012
The Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks Trio, "Who cares about the circus?" from Love, 2001
Jimi Jazz Freedom Ensemble, "Late Morning Raga" from Jazz Transgressions, 2012
Sonja Berlin-Jones, "abortive downtempo 6" from abortive downtempo 6, 2013
Thollem McDonas, "Thin Line" from Dear Future,, 2013