Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

[Episode #41]

Hammer of Hathor, “Alice and John” from Vroom Psycho, 2010
Jessica Jane, “Slow Work” from Slow Work, 2012
James Tenney, “Septet for Electric Guitars” from Tellus #14 "Just Intonation", 1986
qebrµs, “ꔆꗉꕢꔮꕢꗉꔅ (the cold wich burn)”, 2037
George E. Lewis, “Home Coming” from Voyager, 1993
David Morneau, “Fracture” from The Putney Project (Volume I), 2012
Briana Marela, “I was lying” from Water Ocean Lake, 2010
The Icarus Descent, “Like Sheep. Blind Eyes.” from We are Blood We are Filth, 2012
Paul Hoskin, James Pelletier, Beverly Setzer, Bradley Stevens, Pete Leinonen, “[track 7]” from The 1st Seattle Festival of Improvised Music (disc 1), 2010 (recorded March 1986)
Silvercord, “Listening to Silence Speak” from I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door, 2012
Guru Guru, “Electric Junk” from Hinten, 1971
AVANT DUEL, “Psychodelica” from BEYOND HUMAN, 2012