Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Episode #54]

Gulls, "Ladyator" from Band Ranger - Remixes of Eet Tracks, 2009
John Gruntfest and Megan Bierman, "The Raven Big Band Buddha Mind Ensemble (Movement 1: Time Immemorial Beginningless Time; Movement 2: Magic Sounds Across The Void; Movement 3: The Raven Big Band)" from The Raven Big Band Buddha Mind Ensemble, 2012
Marisa Anderson, "In The Valley Of The Sun" from The Golden Hour, 2011
Battle Hymns and Gardens, "A Nicaragua", 2012
Elfin Elephant, "Part Two - Drunk" from Live and Drunk at Annette's, 09/2007
Grammies, "World Wide Web" from THANK YOU FOR COMING, 2012
Why I Must Be Careful, "Syllabic" from 2009-10-27 Valentine's (Bootlegs by Scragz), 2009 
Thollem/Amendola, Duo at Duende #2, 2013
1939 Ensemble, "Wait!" from Howl & Bite, 2013