Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Episode #160]

[listen here]

BLYPKEN, "Transfigure" from 0102, 2017
Mold Omen, "Ha for Happiness" from Some Like It Fraught, 2017
Ocean Viva Silver, "The Secret Song of Molpe" from Echolalia, 2014
James Wolf, "All This" from That, 2017
I Am Snow Angel, "Falling", 2016
Emily Young, "Swadisthana Hang D" from Wonder Wheels, 2017
Arash Akbari, "Glimmer" from The Rest Is Silence, 2017
Laura Ortman, live at St. Marks Church, NYC 12/18/15
Velize, "Vapor Deposition" from Extravegetal Arms, 2017
Lydia Ang, "Movement 5" from Breath, 2012