Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

[Episode #118]

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Hair and Space Museum, "Peel it Open" from Cold Jungle Vol. II, 2014
Arrington de Dionyso, "The Descent of the Sun" from Blood Moon Raga, 2015
Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman, "Nova Albion" from Ever Steady, 2016
Carolyn Yarnell, "Living Mountains", 1993
Mats Gustafsson, "side a" from x-ray four: Piano Mating, 2015
Litter, "Helicopters over Motorcity" from Newfound Grids, 2013
wndfrm, "EVTOCA" from EVTOCA, 2015
Marta Zapparoli, "T Killer memory cells into body fibers" from Unexplained Sounds Group - the first annual report, 2015
Lykanthea, "Aphonia" from Migration, 2014