Saturday, March 21, 2015

[Episode #98]

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TALsounds & Steffi Neuhuber, "Pacing In Slow Motion [i.i]" from barren is, 2014
Andrew Hock, "Side A" from Crystalline Privative Opulence, 2015
The OO-Ray, "Live at the Alberta Abbey" from Empty Orchestra, 2015
DeLyria, "Opus 7" from Opus 7, 2015
Boredoms, "House of Sun" from Seadrum/House of Sun, 2004
Precenphix, "Autumnal" from Various Artists - Masterwerks, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Episode #97]

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SEALADDER, "Walking Flags" from Tiny Territories, 2015
Dim Holys, "5" from Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck, 2008
Olaf Ydstie, "More for the Morning", 2011
The Northern Hemisphere, "Portals" from We Were Stranded On An Island, 2015
Richard Lainhart, "Lux" from Lux, 2014
Hammer of Hathor, "past eve and adam's" from Sphere, 2015
Dancing for the Flesh, "elegans" from natricinae, 2014
Pete Flood, "Coralspot" from Mycoworld, 2013
Shadows, "Rise of Tides" from New Growth, 2014