Saturday, March 31, 2018

[Episode #172]

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Nhung Nguyen, "Illumination" from Illumination [Piano Day 2018], 2018
Marta SmiLga, "Mare Nubium" from Lunar Maria, Volume 1, 2018
Robert Millis, "0 (Suspended)" from 120, 2009
Paulina Velázquez Solís, "Cartago, Costa Rica 2011" from Multifungi Volume 1, 2017
Valérie Vivancos, "incandescent - The motion is in the mindscape [exerpt]" from Fair Play 2 [compilation], 2018
Maria Lord, "Exploration (Demo)" from 2010-2017 Demos, 2018
byjeanpaul, "New Moon in Aries" from New Moon in Aries, 2016
Sarah Nicolls, "Home" from Daylight Music Special - March 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

[Episode #171]

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Idol Eyes, "Dialator Per Lionteardrop" from Jiya Dhareka (Expanded Edition), 2012
Louise Landes Levi, "Butterfly Graveyard" from IKIRU or The Wanderer, 2018
Andrew Tomasello, "Unraveling" from Unraveling, 2015
Scott Worthington, "A Time That Is Also A Place" [Rachel Beetz, flute] from Orbit, 2018
Infinite Sustain, "Tainae" from instainae, 2018
Thollem DuRoche Stjames Trio, "Persisted Resistance" from Live In Our Time, 2018
Elizabeth A. Baker, "Command Voices - 251A" from Quadrivium, 2018
Zaïmph, "vapours" from Zaïmph, 2004

Saturday, March 3, 2018

[Episode #170]

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Gregg Daniel Miller, "in the weeds" from test subjects, 2018
Geneva Skeen, Live at Human Resources, 2018
Leah Abramson, "Pender Harbour" from Bitch Tapes Spring 2017 Mixtape, 2017
Ramayana Soul, "Mawar Batu" from Sabdatanmantra, 2016
hygy hairr, "Heartscape" from Uchronia, 2018
Auscultation, "Mouths Of Heaven" from Spiritland, 2018
Eaton Flowers, "Imaginary Latin" from Imaginary Latin, 2018
Kaoru Inoue, "Sunset Salute" from Em Paz LP [GOS003LP], 2018
Self Industry, "Hierarchies" from DŪR UNTASH, 2017
Z'EV - Steve Mackay Duo, LIVE KFJC 2007 (released 2018)
Lekx, "Tracks Of Never Ending Light" from Make It Quiet (in my head), 2017