Saturday, October 27, 2018

[Episode #187]

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C. Reider, "(Dance of the) This can't really be happening" from Disappointment Engine, 2018
Janel Leppin, "Union Arts" from Songs for Voice and Mellotron, 2016
He Can Jog, "The Perfume​-​Eater from Sarvagandhasugandhā" from The Perfume​-​Eater from Sarvagandhasugandhā, 2018
Toshinori Kondo and Bill Laswell featuring his holiness The Dalai Lama, "Space" from Life, Space, Death, 2001
Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin, "Berceaux" from A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand, 2015
Christina Carter, "Words Are Not My Own" from Electrice, 2006
somesurprises, "Alt" from Alt, 2018
L.A. Lungs, "Elk Pockets" from Most of the Time We Do Not Realize We Are Shedding Our Skin, 2008
Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka, "Forenoon - Hirumae, just before noon" from Accordion Koto, 2007
Justin Broadrick, "Guitar four / Infinite" from Skinner Black Laboratories, 1995
Changeable Bulbs, "Chrippets", 2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018

[Episode #186]

[listen here]

Antonia Carroll & Fahmi M., "Day" from Time, 2018
Georgina Brett / Knopfdreher / Moody Alien, "La Clarine" from Ding Dang Dong, 2013
Pulse Emitter, "Spirit Haze Zone" from Xenharmonic Passages, 2018
Dafna Naphtali, "Audio Chandelier: FIELD", 2014
Mahito Kasahara, "hazard lamp" from waterfall, 2018
Carolina Segura, "Antena" from Feminoise Litoral [compilation], 2018
Michelle Qureshi, "Voice Upstairs (feat. David Helpling)" from Silver Chord, 2018
Steve Roach, "Midnight Loom" from Midnight Moon, 2000
Infinite Sustain, "Stain" from instainae, 2018
Eva Schlegel, "Revival" from Amor Vincit Omnia, 2016
Fleurie Blumune, "Here, Yet Away" from Seasonal Depression, 2017
Sontag Shogun, "The Musk Ox" from Tale, 2014