Saturday, November 25, 2017

[Episode #163]

[listen here]

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, "gong-tom-banjo-gamelan" from Dig In Sessions, 2017
Léonie Risjeterre, "Tresseterre" from Tresseterre (SB012), 2017
Art Bears x Petridisch, "The World as it is Today.  Retold." from The World as it is Today.  Retold., 2017
Gel-Sol, "Desceptre" from Horse Head Bookends, 2017
Mary Jane Leach, "Feu de Joie" (Shannon Peet, bassoon; composed 1992) from Celestial Fires, 2017 (originally released 1993)
High Aura'd, "Sleep Like The Dead" from Sanguine Futures, 2012
Doug Theriault, "en dés chaîne" from The unsent letter, 2017
Midday Veil, "Whatever It Is, It Was" from Subterranean Ritual, 2009
Motion Sickness of Time Travel, "Totality" from Totality, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

[Episode #162]

[listen here]

Thollem Electric, "Do It Togetherness (Who Are U.S.)" from Thollem's Blues - 'Best Of'!, 2017
jarguna and Friends, "Improvisation for a Dawn" from Trapped Vol. 1, 2017
Julie Rousse, "First There Was Only Waves" from First There Was Only Waves, 2017
Pelafina Rousseau, "Deluge" from A Day Slowed Down, 2017
Anther, "Cathedral", 2017
Acef Stripe, "A Subtle Warning" from Acef Stripe - One, 2017
Oulu Space Jam Collective, "Holes of the Universe" from Holes of the Universe, 2017
Charlottas Burnin' Trio, "From Nothing to Eternity" from From Nothing to Eternity, 2018