Saturday, January 10, 2015

[Episode #93]

[listen here]

Tsovinar Unbowed, "Night Went On" from Exit, 2012
Grammies, "Hunter" from Great Sounding, 2015
Ethernet, "Obsidian" from Virtual Reality, 2013
Paints ov Anima, "wise.words" from Brassica, 2014
Shane, Apparently, "Paper and cardboard worlds" from This is my planet, 2013
Jordan Dykstra, "like a sun all smashed together into one serendipitous tonal pancake" from sundries, 2013-'14
Ryan Huber, "Quirin" from Four Pi, 2014
Scattered Purgatory, "Cloudborn" from Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean, 2014
Sarah Davachi, "As The Morning" from Air Texture, Vol. IV, 2014
Jesske Hume & Areni Agbabian, "improvisation #1", 2012
Todd Walton, "How Perfect Is Life" from Nature Of Love, 2014