Saturday, March 18, 2017

[Episode #147]

[listen here]

Joshua Abrams, "Sound Talisman" (live at Constellation 2013) from Represencing, 2014
Thea Farhadian, "time shift" from Tectonic Shifts, 2016
Surface of the Earth, "Causer Gird" from Surface of the Earth, 1995/2011
Torch Americans, "Untitled (Unmolested Metal)" from Spring '17 Big Piss Tour EP, 2017
Margarita Omar, "Shelter Behind the Binary Door" from Warding Off the Digital Wind, 2017
greyghost & Craig Wedren, "dresden", 2013
Nordra, "Reflections" from PYLON II, 2016
Seeing the Sights, "Breezy Jazz Omen" from Mojave Sunsets LP, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Episode #146]

[listen here]

Natalia Beylis, "Dappled Sun" from Green Bird Fountain, 2016
Ellen Fullman, "Hiss, Louder" from Music Overheard 1, 2006
Sarah Davachi, "neustadt" from neustadt / altstadt EP, 2015
Dvory, "Fractal" from Dvory, 2017
Marcus Fischer, "Halfway to Six" from Collected Dust, 2012
Strategy, "Requiem for Apex Predators" from The Infinity File, 2017
Elisa Faires, "Amaryllis" from We Stand: An International Compilation In Support of Planned Parenthood, 2017 [original release: Photosynthesis, 2014]
somesurprises, "paolo & francesca" from voice memos, 2016
Kevin Drumm, "Yeah" from RECLINE (116 Minute EP), 2017
Entrail, "Exploded Star" from Gatas y Vatas 2015