Saturday, June 9, 2018

[Episode #177]

 [24th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival special]

[listen here]

KnotPineBox, "who's down there", 2017
Dead Air Fresheners, "Carseat Collapse Recall" from Fast Radio Bursts, 2016
Medina / Walsh, "Vault of Angels" from Vault of Angels, 2016
Andrew Weathers, "Daylight's Precious When You're Young (For AG)" from For AG, 2012
entrail, "Dies Irae + Somniloquy" from 100 Years Remaining, 2017
Heejin Jang, "Gold in the Basement" from In The Heretic's Room, 2018
Nudity, "Here Comes The White Light" from Astronomicon, 2015
Driftwood Orchestra, "Drift or Die" from C O M P L E X I T Y (compilation), 2018
New Born Babies, LIVE at Cascadia Brewing Co. 4​.​28​.​18
Ghost Bitch, "Maniac Girl" from Ghost Bitch, 2016
THIS SAXOPHONE KILLS FASCISTS, "...Then They Came for the Immigrants and Refugees", Live at Obsidian, January 26 2017
dolphin midwives, "(((HOLYHANDS)))", 2016
Prana Crafter, "Luminous Clouds" from MindStreamBlessing, 2017