Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Episode #88]

[listen here]

(co-hosted with Jake)

Missing Organs, "Evidence of Absence" from Undiscovered, 2014
Ifsh, "Tumors Innocent" from Fascism is the Frenzy of Sexual Cripples, 2010
Sonny Sharrock, "As We Used To Sing" from Ask The Ages, 1991
Glou Glou, "A" from Hymn Her Hum, 2014
Sarah Davachi, "Heliotrope", 2012
Kevin Drumm, "Untitled CD Bonus Track" from Land of Lurches, 2003
Phutureprimitive, "Dissolve" from Sub Conscious, 2004
Type O Negative, "Love You To Death" from October Rust, 1996
Desert Dwellers, "Stellar Dendrites" from Critters EP, 2013           
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, "Hunter Song" from HOME, 1995
Pendulum, "Salt In the Wounds" from Immersion, 2010
Dual, "My Ashes, Your Eyes" from Pyroclastics, 2006
Todd Walton, "Now and Then" from Ceremonies, 2011