Saturday, September 5, 2015

[Episode #109]

[listen here]

Wendy Atkinson, "What Came Before" from The Last Fret, 2015
Neglect, "Kayenta" from Western Romance Novels, 2015
The Seattle Harmonic Voices, "Blossoms" (1999) from Harmonic Voice, 2008
Crows Labyrinth, "Influx" from Travels, 2013
Ingrid Lee, "Of Monsters" from Mouth to Mouth, 2013
Alphastare, "Coded Caverns" from It Just Consumes You..., 2015
Karl J. Palouńćek, "Sail" from Sail, 2015
el owl, "Invisible Predator" from Invisible Predator, 2015
Lisa Moore and Annie Gosfield, "Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers III. Machine-like, but with some groove" from Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers, 2015
Prism Vibrations (realized by Jean-Paul Jenkins), "Moire Realization Magick" from Astral Theta Wave Network Sequencing, 2015