Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Episode #75]

Meerenai Shim, "flight of the beeper bird: the entire world is slowly turning into snails" from The Art of Noise, 2013
Petty Vendetta, "Alien intelligence", 2013
Noveller, "Starve" from Live at WFMU with Liz Berg, September 12 2011
TAUUSK, "Sunder" from Refuge, 2013
Mongst, "the price of descention" from conflux, 2012
Jooklo Duo with C. Spencer Yeh, "Set the Fire" from Live at WFMU with Scott McDowell on The Long Rally on May 27, 2011
If Thousands, "3" from for, 2013
Gabriel Saloman, "Riots Don't Just Happen", 2013
Death Worth Living, "Cogito Wow" from The Growth Years, 2007
New Music Bake Sale and TENTH INTERVENTION, "Parlour Games 2014"
Sarah Davachi, "St-Georges" from August Harp, 2014
Lori Goldston, "Pizz." from creekside: solo cello, 2014
Snaykhunt, "Quickening + SP Tone" from LOXMfest Compilation, 2012

Saturday, April 5, 2014