Saturday, April 18, 2015

[Episode #100]

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Dweomer, "frost", 2013
Marcus Fischer, "Second Narrows - Marcus Fischer Version" from 100 Minutes, 2013
Simon Aulman, "I'd hate me if I met me" from easy listening for the hard of hearing, 2015
Quiet Evenings, "Telepathic Heart" from Impressions, 2013
Sonologyst, "Harmonics in a lucid dreaming brain" from Italian experimental underground 015 survey - volume II, 2015
Adaptive Machines, "Earth Electrode" from The Truth Table, 2015
Silver Screen Orchestra, "Glassĕra" from Broken Hearts Broken Sounds, 2015
ALTO!, "Piece 10" from ALTO! (2014), 2014
Zomes, "Fruit Moon (August)" from Calendar of Moons, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Episode #99]

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The OO-Ray, "Hunting Song" from Empty Orchestra, 2015
Suns of Arqa, "Nagaswarawali" from Know Thyself?, 2010
Beast Nest, "C m C child man child" from KDVS Recordings Vol. 8 Beast Nest/Head-Boggle, 2012
ALTO!, "Hassalo" from 2015 Tour Cassette, 2015
Félicia Atkinson, "Recherche De La Base Et Du Sommet" from A Readymade Ceremony, 2015
Low Leaf, "Purification" from Diwata Mantraz vol. I, 2015
Eric Ostrowski, "Ghost Stories" from Ghost Stories, 2013
Free Dust, "Dream For Dream" from II: Imitation: Wave, 2015