Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

[Episode #181]

[listen here]

Rachel Rhodes, "Wormhole Amoeba" from Bleeps & Bloops, 2018
Daniel Eaton and Wyatt Keusch, "WD.R.5" from Potato, 2012
Maia Koenig y Santiago Mingarro, "I" from PARANOISE, 2018
Atlea, "To the Stars (Atlea Remix)" from Hymns of Orpheus Volume One, 2018
cheyne stoecks, "endgame 99", 2017
Sylvia Monnier, "Print Mint" from Hard Edge, 2018
meroitic (Jamondria Harris), "birth chart" from tabernacle ep, 2018
Saito Koji, "Thank You For The Music" from Thank You For The Music, 2018