Saturday, March 26, 2011

[Episode #2]

Sun Ra and his Myth Science Solar Arkestra, "Space Is The Place" from Space Is The Place, 1973
Angus MacLise, "Blastitude" from The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, 1999 (rec. c. 1972?)
Harvey Milk, "Pinnochio's Example" from Charity And Good Will Toward Men, 1996
Harry Partch, "Daphne of the Dunes" from The World of Harry Partch, 1969
Peter Blegvad & John Greaves, "New Liquid" from Unearthed, 1995
(and the) Native Hipsters, "There Goes Concorde Again" single, 1982
Bill Horist, "Gravity's Backwash" from Songs From the Nerve Wheel, 2000
Anthony Moore, "A, B, C, D, Gol'fish" from Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom, 1971
Tony Conrad with Faust, "From the Side of the Machine" from Outside the Dream Syndicate, 1972
Sustentacula, "It Is Our Wish" from Salem: City of Peace, 2010

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Episode #1]

Theme: Seismic activity from Japan

Melt-Banana, "What Do You Slaughter Next?" from Scratch or Stitch, 1995
Tatsuya Nakatani, "Untitled (track 13)" from Abiogenesis, 2010
Ultra Bidé, "Dude" from God Is God... Puke Is Puke, 1995
Kaoru Abe & Motoharu Yoshizawa, "Duo Improvisation No. 1" from Nord, 1975
Petty Booka, "Born To Be Wild" from Japan Nite 2004 (compilation), 2004
DMBQ, "Are You Satisfied?" from Esoteric Black Hair, 2004
Ruins-Hatoba, "Rock + 1 (Challenge Your Face)" from Ruins-Hatoba, 1994
Boredoms, "GO!!!!!" from Super Roots 5, 1995