Saturday, February 16, 2019

[Episode #195]

[listen here]

Adil Hiani, "LaVoixDsansVoix feat. Jerome Vicoletto & Reda Cherif" from 5 years of Cosmo [compilation], 2015
John Krausbauer & David Kendall, "PDRM" from PDRM, 2018
Phil Western, "Longform" from Longform, 2014
Heavy Winged + Inca Ore, "Obsidian Mass (Live)" from Ring Mining, 2009
Infinite Sustain, "Instae Ying" from instainae, 2018
Alessandra Celletti, "BlueOne" from #cellettiblue, 2019
Dancing for the Flesh, "Thamnophis sirtalis" from natricinae, 2014