Saturday, February 21, 2015

[Episode #96]

[listen here]

Holy Palms, "Fractal Blossoms (based on Roomal folk song)" from Tribute to Snake Charmers Music, 2015
Beast Nest, "Forests" from Songs for Puppies, 2015
Troubled by Insects, "Reciting Keats (Eleanor's words surrendered)" from Blue van Meer [part III]: 'Love Lies Limp (Feigning Stately Dignity)', 2013
captain captain, "omelette du fromage" from captain's log, 2014
Chromadrift, "In My Blood (Arpeggio Heart)" from Another Cold Universe, 2015
Kevin Sanders, "Tongues" from Valves for aches (and valves for all), 2013
Andrew Weathers, "Susquehanna River" from Littlefield, 2015
Lost Trail, "Song For Our Star-Crossed Lamentations" from Lamentations, 2015
Glover/Perreault, "harbor" from Freight 1110 through Greensboro, 2015
The Gateless Gate, "Borealis" from Near North, 2014
The Shouts From The Sea, "A5" from s/t, 2015
Beast Nest, "Worst Ever" from Songs for Puppies, 2015