Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

[Episode #143]

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Fountainsun, "Lamps of Friendom" from Sweep the Temple, 2016
Thollem / Oliveros / Cline, "Outside Accord" from Molecular Affinity, 2016
Moa Pillar, "At the Gates" from At the Gates, 2016
Tomchess & Ravi Padmanabha, "Calabashoud" from Continuance, 2008
Chambers, "AEBB" from Sigma Flare II, 2016
wrtch, "Sensory Exit" from Sympathy for the Creator, 2016
Luna Arakawa, "kioq parade" from kioq parade, 2016
Elegant Humanoid, "Nodus" from West Coast cum Sardinia (compilation), 2016 [originally from Unformed, 2015]