Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Episode #39]

Uladat, "Machupo" from Portal, 2012
Faust, "Miss Fortune" from Faust, 1971
Kanopic Descent, "Death Trance Night Excerpt" from Death Trance Compilation Volume 1, 2012
ManKinSon, "☿ [track 2]" from ManKinSon, 2011
Awar Village, "2 Jarvan Flutes, 1 Do-don Shell Rattle" from Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang, 1977
godheadSilo, "Guardians of the Threshold" from Skyward In Triumph, 1996
Jaap Blonk, "Dina Sore" from Flux De Bouche, 1993
Leo Smith Trio, "Fire Over The Earth" from The Mass On The World, 1978
Rocket from the Tombs, "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" from The Day the Earth Met the... Rocket from the Tombs, 1975
Scission, "Still Life" from Eight, 2000
Trumans Water, "The 20 Minute Song" from Godspeed the Vortex, 1993
Circle X, "Underworld" from Prehistory, 1983