Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Episode #99]

[listen here]

The OO-Ray, "Hunting Song" from Empty Orchestra, 2015
Suns of Arqa, "Nagaswarawali" from Know Thyself?, 2010
Beast Nest, "C m C child man child" from KDVS Recordings Vol. 8 Beast Nest/Head-Boggle, 2012
ALTO!, "Hassalo" from 2015 Tour Cassette, 2015
FĂ©licia Atkinson, "Recherche De La Base Et Du Sommet" from A Readymade Ceremony, 2015
Low Leaf, "Purification" from Diwata Mantraz vol. I, 2015
Eric Ostrowski, "Ghost Stories" from Ghost Stories, 2013
Free Dust, "Dream For Dream" from II: Imitation: Wave, 2015