Saturday, April 5, 2014

[Episode #74]

[listen here]

Residents, "Aircraft Damage" from Santa Dog, 1972
Dorian Wallace, "Journey From Earth To Sepharon", 2013
Kathryn Schulmeister, "[d(k_s)b]", 2011
Unicorns in the Snow, "The Aviator" from The Aviator, 2011
Adam Adhiyatma, "Sunrise over barbed wire" from Solstice, 2013
Arrington de Dionyso with Jaranan Tung Dor, "Jaranan Tung Dor part 1" from UNHEARD INDONESIA, vol. 6: Jaranan Tung Dor, 2014
Piotr Cisak, "De Ente Et Essentia (On Being And Essence)" from Essentia, 2014
U.S. Girls, "Buzz Chant" from Bits + Pieces, 2009