Saturday, March 17, 2018

[Episode #171]

[listen here]

Idol Eyes, "Dialator Per Lionteardrop" from Jiya Dhareka (Expanded Edition), 2012
Louise Landes Levi, "Butterfly Graveyard" from IKIRU or The Wanderer, 2018
Andrew Tomasello, "Unraveling" from Unraveling, 2015
Scott Worthington, "A Time That Is Also A Place" [Rachel Beetz, flute] from Orbit, 2018
Infinite Sustain, "Tainae" from instainae, 2018
Thollem DuRoche Stjames Trio, "Persisted Resistance" from Live In Our Time, 2018
Elizabeth A. Baker, "Command Voices - 251A" from Quadrivium, 2018
Zaïmph, "vapours" from Zaïmph, 2004