Saturday, August 22, 2015

[Episode #108]

[listen here]

HITS, "Boulders" from Sunshine Baby, 2015
Scott Worthington, "Reflections (in memoriam Stefano Scodanibbio)" from Prism, 2015
Eternal Tapestry, "Wild Strawberries" from Wild Strawberries, 2015
Nagual & Carl Mitchell, "Improvisation II" from Improvisations I & II, 2014
Volutes, "Like Certainty", 2015      
The Northern Hemisphere, "I Stand Before Zero Gravity With Open Arms" from Spacious Skies - EP, 2011
Matana Roberts, "Untitled N. 1" from always., 2015
Northern Valentine, "Born Yesterday" from The Distance Brings Us Closer, 2008