Saturday, October 17, 2015

[Episode #112]

[listen here]

Cavatica Sessions, "Angulate" from Orbweaver, 2015
Midday Veil, "Moon Temple" from Subterranean Ritual II, 2011
Rosen, "H-Q" from #FØ04: Q​-​Hue, 2015
DivineBrick Research Sound Project, "night seed", 2003
Joshua Davison with The Origin of the Cosmos Ensemble, "Oyster Smiling" from deep field, 2015
Jessica Pavone, "This Is My Violin" from Quartet Solo Series volume 2, 2009
Mr.MRM, "Track 2" from CT Assaults Presents Mr.MRM, 2013
High Light, "The Edge Of Physics" from High Light, 2015