Saturday, May 2, 2015

[Episode #101]

[listen here]

UnFolkUs, "Cows In The Belly" from UnFolkUs, 1998
Arrington de Dionyso, Paul Hoskin, Doug Haning, Jonathan Sielaff, Mark Kaylor, "Quintet Improvisation" from Low Clarinet Symposium (August 2008), 2012
ManKinSon, "[track 7]" from ManKinSon, 2011
Derek Monypeny, "The Painful Nap" from Don't Bring Me Down, Bruce, 2010
Paul Hoskin, "the constant" from contrabass clarinet ...the initial...the constant, 2010
Cyanosis, "Ambifrost Room Congeal" from Stave, 1998
Sarah Davachi, "mare imbrium" from Qualities of Bodies Permanent, 2015
The Same, "Cow Party" from Doing The Don't, 1993