Saturday, October 29, 2016

[Episode #138]

[listen here]

Schemawound, "I'll Always Be Your Ghost" from Heart Removal Kit, 2016
TALsounds, "Solace" from Lifter + Lighter, 2016
Marselle, "Torus - Part 3" from Synaesthetic Alloys, 2016
dustperiod, "Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everybody Dead" from Sometimes I Hear Voices / Trying to Make Impermanent Things Permanent, 2015
mirani's ghost, "hell" from hell, 2015
Astoria Sound, "Phantom" from Astoria Sound, 2016
Oakland Afternoon Ensemble, "Evening Scar" from OAE 2, 2013
HØR§3 ▲ND BUGGY H3▲R§3, "wi†ch on brooms†ick silhoue††ed ▲gains† †he moon" from † H▲LLOWEEN †, 2016
C. Lavender, "Letting Them In" from Fortitude in Wintarmanoth, 2013
boocanan, "DEVIL TRIGGER" from JAWBREAKERS, 2015
Halloween, "Halloween Part 1" from Halloween, 2016
indrone, "The haunted drone" from Halloween in drone, 2016
Stuart Chalmers & Graham Dunning, "Wolf Moon" from Home Taping, 2015