Saturday, October 15, 2016

[Episode #137]

[listen here]

Alchymie / Tsovinar Unbowed, "Lemon Pie" from EXIT II, 2016
Radere, "I Can't Wake Up" from I Can't Sleep, I Can't Wake Up, 2016
Paul Mimlitsch, "home port" from beacon, 2016
cinchel, "frozen time" from Silence of the oncoming train, 2016
Sun Hammer, "Trim" from MAHAMUDRA, 2016
Eternal Tapestry, "Where the Trees Touch the Ground" from Sleeping On A Dandelion, 2016
Sabrina Siegel / Thollem McDonas @ The Jazz Station, 2013
Joni Clare / Barry Paul Clark / Michael Bettine, "Fractal Landscape" from In The Waking Hour, 2016
Ilyas Ahmed, "By The Light" from With Endless Fire, 2012
Hannah Addario-Berry, "Lands End" (composed by Alisa Rose) from Scordatura, 2016
Real Life Rock & Roll Band, "Let Me Sleep" from Let Me Sleep / Death is a Narrow Sea, 2016