Saturday, October 1, 2016

[Episode #136]

[listen here]

Djam Karet, "Dark Clouds, No Rain" from Suspension and Displacement, 1991
Dolphin Midwives, "(((castleshell)))" from orchid milk, 2016
Niku No Sekai, "WW4" from Flesh World Vol. I, 2016
Stephie's Castle, "consciousousness", 2013
Cyanotype, "2silent schnauzers" from Two Silent Schnauzers, 2016
A/B Duo, "Limb" (composer: Drew Baker) from Variety Show, 2016
Ifsh, "Be Limpid" from Be Locus / Be Limpid, 2016
Other Matter, "Philae - Volume 3" from #1 (XII-2015) - Probes, 2015
Tethers, "You Can't Live in That Place All the Time" from Yeah We Get Along, 2011
Daydreamer's Club, "The Healing Process" from BE ALIVE, 2016