Saturday, July 13, 2013

[Episode #57]

Fifty Foot Hose, "Rose" from Cauldron, 1968
Sun Ra, "The Sun Myth" from The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Volume 2, 1966
Aych, "As The Crow Flies" from As The Crow Flies, 2012
Daniel Higgs, "Root & Bough" from Say God, 2010
Ed Chang, "Jeff's Calling" from My First Saxophone, 2006
Venereal Crush, "I" from I, 2012
Ivan Ivanovich & The Soviet Space Programme, "I Left My Heart In Baikonur Cosmodrome" from Space Is Hell, 2012
Marty Belcher / Jason Bivins Double Quartet, "N" from Exo, 2011
Desert of Hiatus, "Retreat" from Unreleased & Singles, 2012