Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Episode #56]

ARU, "BeRock remix" from ARU remixes, 2013
Derek M. Johnson, "Be..." from aileron-1st wing, 2010
Baczkowski-Corsano-Flaherty, "Soaking In Gravel And Shale" from The Dim Bulb, 2005
Phillip Greenlief, "Moms" from Seared Circuit Incident, 2006
Giant Worm, "Mr. Future", 2013
Fabio Orsi / Gianluca Becuzzi / ( E T R E ), "Act II" from So Far, 2009
Michael Bisio & Matthew Shipp, "Holographic Rag" from Floating Ice, 2012
Voice of Eye & Thomas Dimuzio, "Lysithea" from The Unveiling of Darkness, 2013