Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Episode #58]

Aslis, "Cage In The Anechoic Chamber" from Filaments (compilation), 2011
Total Life, "Bender" from Bender/Drifter, 2013
Total Life, "Drifter" from Bender/Drifter, 2013
Jewelry Rash, "Jung Sleaths" from Apparent Waste Equity, 2011
Tunnels, "The Light" from Radiant Bodies of Scorched Light, 2007
WMRI, "Passage VI" from Dark Passage, 2009
Helloprobie, "Tea like 2 stroke mission" from Ambrotype Detectives Jetting In Liquid Days, 2013
Kurt Bauer, "The Beginning Of Time" from Brass Demons, 2013
Kellua, "the knoll" from overfolds, 2013
Sabrina Siegel, "On the Wire" from Filaments (compilation), 2011