Saturday, August 11, 2012

[Episode #35]

Uladat, "Guerra" from (self-titled/untitled) E.P., 2011
Jonathan Sielaff / Bob Jones / Jordan Dykstra, "bob-jordan-jonathan at reed 032109", 2009
Circle X, "Current" from Prehistory, 1983
Fifty Foot Hose, "If Not This Time" from Cauldron, 1968
Henry Cow, "Nine Funerals of the Citizen King" from Legend, 1973
Myth-Science, "Space Loneliness" from Love In Outer Space, 1995
We're Late For Class, "Greasy Leaf Changes" from The Act You've Known For All These Years, 2010
Todd Walton & Kijé Izquierda, "Mystery Jump" from Mystery Inventions, 2012
    - DJ Nic takes the controls for the second hour -