Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Episode #36]

David Darling, "Medieval Dance (Darkwood VI)" from Dark Wood, 1995
elementperspective, "Can I do nothing with the time?" from a time stream full, 2012
Secret Drum Band, Live from PDX Pop Now 2012
Microkingdom, "Wrenches: My Heart" from Wrenches: My Heart/Double Abacus, 2008
Jónsi & Alex, "Howl" from Riceboy Sleeps, 2009
Don Ayler, "The Eastern Song" from In Florence 1981 - Vol. 3, 1981
Tony Conrad with Faust, "The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu" from Outside the Dream Syndicate [30th Anniversary Edition], 2002
Tri-Cornered Tent Show, "Dreaming In the Phosphodot Ocean" from Erase the Past, 2009
Jean Paul Jenkins, "Babies Knees" from solos guitars, 2012
Elizabeth Veldon, "answer one (being three answers): because artists can help make moral emotional and aesthetic sense of the world in the same way scientists explain material reality, because we can produce moments of beauty which free the listener, because we have a moral duty to do this" from why we create art (for alistair crosbie), 2012
Scott Brazieal / Sean Ongley / Scott Stobbe, "Marfa Lights", 2012
Dr. Bob, "Dark Times" from Dark Times, 2007
Anton Hatwich, "Portrait 1" from Portraits, 2012