Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Episode #24]

Hans Reichel, "Give Me Money" from Shanghaied on Tor Road, 1992
Matana Roberts, "Solo G train" from solo space, 2010
Prism Band, "Live B-B-Q" 2011
Swans, "No Word / No Thoughts" from Swans live at Primavera Sound May 28, 2011    
Yann Tomita, "Beyond The Blue Star Zone Part 2" from Music For Astro Age (Reel 1), 1992
Rüdiger Carl, "Count" from Zwei Quintette - Two Compositions By Rüdiger Carl, 1988
Kelvin Pittman, "solos 69/70" from solos 69/70, 2004
Sustentacula, "Sunrise Guillotine" from Salem: City Of Peace, 2011