Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Episode #24]

Hans Reichel, "Give Me Money" from Shanghaied on Tor Road, 1992
Matana Roberts, "Solo G train" from solo space, 2010
Prism Band, "Live B-B-Q" 2011
Swans, "No Word / No Thoughts" from Swans live at Primavera Sound May 28, 2011    
Yann Tomita, "Beyond The Blue Star Zone Part 2" from Music For Astro Age (Reel 1), 1992
RĂ¼diger Carl, "Count" from Zwei Quintette - Two Compositions By RĂ¼diger Carl, 1988
Kelvin Pittman, "solos 69/70" from solos 69/70, 2004
Sustentacula, "Sunrise Guillotine" from Salem: City Of Peace, 2011