Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Episode #23]

Theme: Happy birthday, Nick Bindeman

Eternal Tapestry, "Hermetic Secrets" from Palace Of The Night Skies, 2009
Tunnels, "How I Hate You" from The Blackout, 2011
Seiichi Yamamoto, "Gyro Compass" from NOA, 1997
Tunnels, "Partitions" from Vexations, 2006
Hustler White, "Arena Football" from Hustler White, 2004
Thollem/Parker/Cline, "There are" from The Gowanus Session, 2012
Tunnels, "Or Sea" from Radiant Bodies of Scorched Light, 2007
Alarmist, "Die In Terror" from Under the Covers with Alarmist, 2005
Tunnels, "Vampire's Thinking Cap" from On a Body of Nothing but Radiance, 2007    
Fred Frith, "Theatre" from Clearing, 2001
Mutants of Gnar, "Philiac Gnarnac" from Mutants of Gnar, 2003
Tunnels, "Order of the Golden Dawn" from Astral Collage, 2008
Sonny Sharrock, "Broken Toys" from Guitar, 1986
Counterfeit Monsters, "8 bars" from Counterfeit Monsters E.P., 2002
Tunnels, "Vexations" from Vexations, 2006
Neu!, "Weissensee" from Neu!, 1972
Tunnels, "Moonbombs" from The Blackout, 2011