Saturday, December 3, 2011

[Episode #17]

Thrones, "Obolus" from Day Late, Dollar Short, 2005
Pat Metheny, "part 1" from zero tolerance for silence, 1994
Thunder Snail, "Bear Bear" from Narcoleptics Acropolis, 2005
Mutants of Gnar, "Worm City Surf Hole" from Mutants of Gnar, 2003
Henry Grimes Trio, "For Django" from The Call, 1966
Bastard Noise, "Easter Sunday" from If It Be Not True, 1998
John Zorn, "C&D" from Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman, 1989
Sonny Sharrock, "Peanut" from Black Woman, 1969
Pyramids on Mars, "Cloud Rush" from Lines, 2000
Faust, "Party 2" from 71 Minutes of Faust, 1988
Shel Silverstein, "The Man Who Got No Sign" from Freakin' at the Freakers Ball, 1972
Eet, "Isolated Echidni (Sean Ongley remix)" from Band Ranger, 2009
Witchy Poo, "Groaning Machine (longass so-called "organic" version)" (excerpt) from Pitching Woo, 1999
Eet, "Hay(ride) (Spirit Duplicator remix)" from Band Ranger, 2009
Henry Cow, "Groningen" from Concerts, 1976
Lou Reed, "Metal Machine Music A-4" (excerpt) from Metal Machine Music, 1975