Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Episode #16]

Guru Guru, "Immer Lustig" from Känguru, 1972
Heavy Winged, "Strigoi" from Spreading Center, 2009
Kaleidoscope, "Sefan" from Egyptian Candy, 1990 (rec. 1969?)
John Coltrane, "Leo" from Interstellar Space, 1974 (rec. 1967)
Eternal Tapestry, "Puff Cloud Temple" from Eternal Tapestry, 2006
Don Fleming, "Superman vs. Flounder" from Because Tomorrow Comes, 1996
Bongwater, "Rain" from Double Bummer, 1988
Alan Silva and his Celestrial Communication Orchestra, "From The Luna Surface" from Luna Surface, 1969
Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet (Ray Drummond, Wayne Horvitz, Bobby Previte & John Zorn), "Voodoo" from Voodoo, 1986