Saturday, April 30, 2016

[Episode #125i]

[listen here]

Pat Moonchy and Angelo Contini, "scarborough" from durga puja, 2016
Marselle, "Piano Rock No. 1", 2016
Beast Nest, "Tired AF // Pluto" from Taste of India, 2016
Sarah Davachi, "soi-même comme la matin" from Dominions, 2016
Cloud City Cars, "5 Hours of Ocean Sounds" from Magic Guard, 2016
Bedtime for Robots, "Hello Baphomet" from "DRONE" [Themed Mixtape IV], 2016
Emily Jane Eisenberg, "Rub Salt in the Wound", 2016
Will Middlemiss, "Green, Yellow, and Red" from Green, Yellow, and Red, 2016
Valesuchi, "Jungle Yuki" from Surrounding: South-American Women In Electronic Music, 2016
Makemake, "Fog over Antwerp" from From the earth to the moon, 2016
cinchel, "its finally warm again, but sometimes it still snows" from A House Once Lived That Never Was, 2014