Saturday, April 2, 2016

[Episode #123]

[listen here]

Asha Tamarisa, "_4" from bliss and vanish, 2013
Jakob Peck, "Beast's Beloved" from Emptiness Smiles, 2016
Leviathan Worship Service, "From Rot, Growth" from Three Meditations @ Pipsqueak Gallery, 2016
Pitch Black, "Sonic Colonic (Tom Cosm remix)" from Dub for Life (compilation), 2010
Daniel Higgs, "lado a" from "viv", 2015
Like A Villain, "Amazing Paper Cuttings" from The Life of a Gentleman, 2010
Jordan Dykstra, "I'm Not A Horse Person, Dog (Accretion)" from Stressings, 2016
Sarah Davachi, "ordinal" from Dominions, 2016
Doug Theriault, "For Walter" from Drift Boat, 2016
Vavabond, "Shadow of iron" from Art of the Muses (compilation), 2012