Saturday, February 20, 2016

[Episode #120]

[listen here]

Anda Volley, "Butterfly Melt" from My Flawless Computerized Mind, 2015
Hey Exit, "Lanterns, Chrysanthemum" from Caudata, 2015
Agnes Szelag, "Zima" from No Summer Or Winter, 2008
Dull Knife, "The Fallow Field of Vision" from Dull Knife, 2012
Jude Frankum, "I Search For The Riddle Of The Clouds" from A Dying Point In Space, 2016
Rin Larping, "ANYEN" from STRATUM, 2015
April Larson, "Old Gravel Road", 2014
Laura Cannell, "Black Crowned Night" from Quick Sparrows Over the Black Earth, 2014
Room 34, "Rapid Eye Movement" from Sleep, 2012
Radere, "A Pouring Out Of Sleep" from A Pouring Out Of Sleep, 2013
Halfbird, "Findings" from crowd work, 2015