Saturday, February 6, 2016

[Episode #119]

[listen here]

Sophie Cooper, "Blessing Angel And The Roses" from Our Aquarius, 2015
Neil Campbell, "Unhemmed as it is Uneven" from Waywords and Meansigns 2016 sampler, 2016
Jean Smith, "Ghost of Understanding" from Jean Smith, 2000
Mold Omen, "Forked Tongue Orphans", 2015
Shane, Apparently, "Out There" from Slow, 2015
Saints of the Knife, "Out Alive" from Saints of the Knife EP, 2015
Z'ev & Karl J. Palouńćek, "Rail" from Cities & Rails, 2015
1000AD, Live @ Arrowspace, 2000
Brenna Noonan, "The Marvelous Structure of the Existing World" from The Tortoise, 2015
Tecumseh, "Serenade for the Dead" from Anti-Matter Records 2016 Mix Tape
Thollem Electric, "Ship of the Desert" from Operation Sunbeam, 2016
Cate Wurtz, "Purple Corduroy (2001)" from im still working on my album 'ghost on tape ii' but heres some songs that might go on it, 2015